Baby Kyle Gabriel’s Baptism

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late update of my site. I have been busy for days. Wew! Well, let’s start. Shall we?

Last week we went to the baptism of my nephew named Kyle Gabriel. Aside from being an aunt to him, I am also his godmother. The location of the church was in Sto. Niño de Molino Parish Church. As we enter the holy church, I was astonished by the design and architecture. It feels like it took me to the past. This how it looks inside.

WP_000088I wasn’t able to capture the whole church because they are organizing everything and did not want to interrupt the preparation. What I really love the most in this Church are the chandeliers. Unfortunately I do not have any picture of those. They are big. I just wanted to take it home.

baptismAfter the celebration, everybody was happy. The children have already received the Sacrament of Baptism. They are children of God. I am wishing those children to serve God and follow Jesus’ footsteps. Be a good son/ daughter to their parents. May they receive all the love and blessings. They are truly angels. 

Here are some photos I took outside the church.

Church 3 Church 2 WP_000092

Just like any other celebration, there are picture taking with the newly baptized kid. Kyle has so many godparents. Hopefully, we will fulfill our obligations to that kid and be good role models to him. We went straight to their home for the reception. There were karaoke, blue balloons, banner, and of course food. They had a simple celebration with their friends and family.

His blue and cute cake

His blue and cute cake

Plastic spoons and balloons

Plastic spoons and balloons

Meet Kyle Gabriel :) Such a cutie~

Meet Kyle Gabriel 🙂 Such a cutie~

Welcome to the Christian World, Baby Kyle Gabriel. Be good~ 🙂

Lots of love,



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