MYMP 2010

Hi everyone!

Recently, a band who is celebrating their 10th anniversary in the music industry visited the mall near my place for their meet and greet and album signing. Do you want to know who am I referring to? No other than,

M.Y.M.P. (Make Your Momma Proud)

For the members: Chin Alcantara – Guitarist and MYMP founder

Jana Laraza – Vocalist

Bong Maquito – Keyboardist

Aaron Cadaing – Bassist

Joel Tolentino – Drummer

I was so mesmerized on their new music. Actually, I have been singing their songs since I was in high school. (I am 20 years old) This band has gone a lot through but continued to create great acoustic music.

They released a new album early this year with a new single Electrified. The first time I heard that song, I was captivated.  🙂

To those who have not heard it, this is the original music video they released.

They also did a revival of a Filipino song, Bakit Ba Ganyan.

Here is the link,

Follow them on Facebook: MYMP (Official)


Lots of love,



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