Day 11: Your worst/funniest/most embarrassing date

11) Your worst/funniest/most embarrassing date

Hello there! I updated two blogs earlier and my third post today. Without further ado, let’s start our Day 11 challenge.

I do not know if this is normal but I have to say I have not experienced dating. No one has ever tried to court me or ask me for a date. But since I have many experiences with other stuff, I will just divert the topic to my funniest dance experience.

It was our graduation ball. Everybody is dressed properly. Some girls wore cocktail dresses and some wore modern outfits. The guys wore comfy tops and modern pants. My band and I performed on the ball while the students are eating. We are entertaining them with our acoustic songs. This is what I really like about my talent. I am able to share the things I love and share to them God’s given talent. After performing and eating, suddenly the lights were turned off. You know what it means, it’s party time. All of the students were dancing. Nobody is exempted since this is going to be our last party on college. When many are exhausted, the DJ changed the upbeat music into something romantic and relaxing. Then male students started to ask girls to dance with them in slow music. I wasn’t expecting much that somebody will ask me to the dance floor. Then a guy whom I know said, “Excuse me.” Then I moved aside because I thought he was going to pass by and go to my back because his classmates are at my back. I moved my chair and allow him to pass. Suddenly, he told me that he was going to ask me to dance. I was shocked because I never thought that he would ask me. It was really funny that I thought he was just passing by. Luckily the lights turned on and it was time for awarding. Thank goodness I’m saved. I also did not want to dance with him because he has a girlfriend. I heard some stories about him that he was just proving to his friends that he is not gay but a real man. Anyway, that passed. I hope his friends do not laugh at him because of that incident.

So there you go. At least I have something to say even if it does not relate to dating. Sorry for the wrong grammars and spelling. I have no time to proofread everything. See you next time. If you have anything to share about this blogging challenge, please do share it with me and I am willing to read yours.

Lots of love,


The Single Woman’s 30-day Blogging Challenge


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