Day 12: Your proudest accomplishment

12) Your proudest accomplishment

Hi everyone! This is the twelfth day blogging challenge. I am so excited to update my site.

If you have a single woman’s blogging challenge too, share it to me and I will read it.

I have experiences that make me proud. For me, my proudest accomplishment is when I graduated in college. This success would not be possible without my parents’ sacrifices and efforts. I offer this diploma to them as a token of gratitude. I will not graduate if there was no support that came from them. I thank God for giving me such wonderful parents. Despite of what we have suffered and experienced we are still one. God has blessed me with a supporting family. They will never be replaced. After I graduated, I immediately searched for vacant jobs. Fortunately, I landed to a job that gave me an opportunity to grow as an independent person. As much as I can, I give my family everything I earned from working. I provide their necessities. I help my parents work since I still have two siblings that are studying. I think this is not yet enough. All I could say is thank you to them. I may not utter those words directly but I am forever grateful that they loved us unconditionally. This made me realize the importance of family and its real purpose. Some may not truly understand why there are parents, why there are siblings and why there are families. In time you will soon realize it sooner or later. It will come out in the least unexpected day. Of course, pray for God’s blessings.

Thanks for reading! By the way, it is only 7 days (here in the Philippines) before Christmas. Let us celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth.

If you have any posts which relates to the blogging challenge, you may post it in the comment section and I will gladly read it. Thanks again!

Lots of Love,


The Single Woman’s 30-day Blogging Challenge #TheSW30


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