Princess’ Photoshoot

Hi everyone!

Later I will update my Single Woman’s 30-day Blogging Challenge. I will just have to post these photos of the kid near my workplace. She is so sweet and an intelligent kid. Her name is Princess. Her name really suits her. Last Tuesday while I am having my lunch break, I handed out my camera to take some photos of the backyard. The sun is out and everything is nice and warm. Suddenly, Princess came to me. I told her to pose behind the plant and I will take a picture of her. This is what she looks like.


Princess behind a plant 🙂

After that, she took the lead. She said that she will place herself on the grass and I will capture everything she does. This kid has a talent. I guess for her, she was just playing around but for me she is a witty kid. She even told me where she wants to pose. Funny kid!

These are the photos I took. I used my phone Nokia Lumia 510 for this photoshoot.


Sitting on the grass



WP_000333 WP_000327 WP_000326

Well I have to say, this photo is my favorite one. I edited some part of it for a cooler look.

fr12 16 201472244

Thanks for dropping by guys. Catch my next post later. If you have something to share, just post your comment. Sorry for some grammatical errors.  Bye!

Lots of Love,



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