Christmas Song 2014

Hi guys!

How’s your weekend? Mine is totally awesome. I had a great time spending this weekend with my family and friends. Hope you did the same too.

As of today, we only have three days to go before Christmas.  I am so excited and happy. My last Christmas was a rough one. We had some family problems and misunderstanding back then. Hopefully this year’s Christmas will not be as bad as that. Please do pray for my family. Thank you friends!

I am sharing to you one of the Christmas songs I love. This is entitled MY GROWN UP CHRISTMAS LIST by Kelly Clarkson.

Credits to the owner of this video.

The first time I heard this song was from a kid on a television show. She has an angelic voice. (Sorry I forgot her name) In her innocent age, she gave out the true meaning of the song. She did a great rendition of this song. Once I found her version, I’ll update to you guys.

Thank you for your support. Please do share with me your favorite Christmas song. You can also hit FOLLOW to get updates on my blog. Thanks!

Lots of Love,



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