Day 14: Describe the last moment you felt really, truly blissful

Wow! It’s good to be back. My last post was 2nd of March. Time flies so much. It has been six months. Haha! 🙂 Sorry everyone for not being updated. Anyways, I do not want this story to be long. Let’s start!

I think I have not followed correctly this program, of not posting consecutively.

I created this Day 14, December 19th last year. As I read it, I cannot remember why I am so happy. 🙂

I really felt happy and blissful yesterday (December 18, 2014) I think every day is a blissful day. I enjoy every day of my life. There are things that make me upset and lonely but when I realize how blessed I am, I just remove all the negativities and proceed to optimism. I do not want to think the bad things that happen to me. That will just make me look old. Let us maintain our youthfulness and enjoy life to the fullest.



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