Siblings Rivalry

Four in 10 Filipino women said that they would prefer to have two children if they had a choice, while three in 10 said that they would choose to have three children… Based on the women’s reported ideal number of children, the resulting mean ideal number of children in the Philippines is 2.8 children. –

Growing up views a lot of changes in my life. From childhood to puberty to adulthood. I grew up being with my younger brother and sister and me as the eldest. I have been seeing them grow up as individuals. The three of us have different personalities, styles, perceptions and attitudes. But we share one denominator, the love for music.

It is common problem to siblings to have arguments especially when you have distinct beliefs. When we were kids, we usually fight over toys. That’s normal since children just want to have fun. When we reached the adolescent stage, we fight over household chores. Since our parents are both working full time, we are assigned to tasks. After I wash the dishes, the next one will be my brother, then my youngest sister and back to me. The cycle goes on and on. The problem with this kind of system is when the person assigned procrastinates or gets lazy. (I really hate it!) There was a time when my father got home and he saw the pile of dirty dishes. It was not my turn, but I felt so guilty seeing him washing it after leaving from work. He worked hard on his day job then worked hard to wash the dishes. As the eldest, responsibility is thrown to me. It is an obligation to watch over my siblings.

Years have passed. We grew up fulfilling our right to study, finished schooling, graduated from college and searched for work. I realized that those battles, exchange of blows, quarreling, and arguing with my siblings slowly drifted away. New personalities have been developed. Some have improved but some remained the same.

Looking back and reminiscing those memories, I laughed as I remember them. Little fights, shallow reasons, struggle for the possession of toys. Big deals for kids but small fights for adults. I guess little kids grow up now.


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