Are You Really a Fan?


As I was scrolling on my Twitter account, one of the trending hashtags is #Respect(name of celebrity). I clicked it and saw the flooding sympathy of fans for this celebrity. Social networking sites became an outlet of modern individuals and a medium of personal standpoint.

I am also a fan of many local and international celebrities and artists, to be specific singers. A celebrity’s personal life is always on the limelight. Most people are curious how this person lives or acts behind the camera.

It usual for me to look into the physical looks of a person but after seeing his or her personality, it changes rapidly. But I do not think that a person should be judged according to what you saw and heard. After all, they are celebrities, not a typical person you usually know.

Think before you click. – GMA

(Responsible use of Social media) Of course, once posted it will in the system. It makes me sad whenever my favorite artist is being bashed or criticized for what he/she has done. Let’s not think shallow. Irresponsible social media users are ranting the artist, even their personal lives. Saying vulgar words, cursing and even threatening. Come on, people! YOU DON’T KNOW THE PERSON. You only know their celebrity side.

I know there are such words as DEMOCRACY and OPINION in social media but I guess let us make MODERATE. I understand that they have to convey what they want. Please be responsible and respectful.

Remember: A celebrity and an artist are still human beings.


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