I Failed in Accounting

Yes, college life. One of the most anticipated journeys in one’s life. Sigh!

Just like any other teenagers, I had been in a situation where I have to decide what course I am going to take. I chose Accountancy. They say that it is one of the most difficult courses. I have to admit that it is true.

On my first year, we usually recall the lessons we had when we were in high school. I still have my time to relax, enjoy the rest of the day and do whatever I want. When I reached on my second year which is when the real Accountancy student life begins. I can clearly remember the times that I was always nervous when our professor comes in. ALWAYS. Never was a day when I felt calm. I am so scared whenever my name gets called and I have to recite. Every time we are having our examination, I always feel nauseous. I do not why but I hate that feeling. Up to my third year, another year has passed and nothing has changed. I strive harder to remain in the Accountancy program. I read the textbook multiple times. I have checked other reading materials to make sure that I am making the correct answer. I always pray that God will guide me in everything I do. But whenever there are examinations, I fail. It seems like I did not understand the basic concept. I feel sad that as much as I try, my best is not enough.

Before the academic year ends, there are rumors that the school will remove students from the Accountancy program. I do not want to think that I am one of them but I was sure that I am on the list because of the examination results I get. I prayed on how will I say this to my parents. They wanted me to be a CPA. They wanted me to have the greatest life. They wanted me to succeed. I asked God to prepare myself for the upcoming news. According to Jeremiah 29:11, God has plans for me and to all of us.

As we entered to the faculty room, the coordinator mentioned the ones who passed. And as expected, I was not included in the list. My other classmates cried a lot. Many have asked for another chance to continue the program. I saying to myself that God has plans for my life, God has plans for my life, God has plans for my life. I did not say anything and left the room.

When I got home, I gathered all the courage I have to say this to my parents. It was evening before we go to sleep. I told them the bad news. I was crying as I explain to them what happened. I was so surprised that they did not even scold me but rather they supported me. They encouraged me to do my best on the upcoming year and there are still many chances. I thanked God for having understanding parents. I thought this would be the end of me but I was wrong. I am blessed that I am surrounded with great people.

On the fourth year, my friends and I have decided to shift to another course. Since there are other subjects that we have not taken in Accountancy, we needed to take additional units for us to graduate on time and take the on-the-job training that summer. Thank goodness we complied with the requirements as soon as the semester starts.

All of us who were removed on the Accountancy program worked harder than the usual for us to cope up with the lessons. I can proudly say that we performed exceptionally.  We maintained our good grades and exhibited excellence throughout the year.

Then on April 2014, we finally graduated. My heart is so glad that we were able to finish everything. As I look back, maybe God really had plans for us. We may not understand why but I fully trust His goal to our lives.

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