(Not) The Perfect Timing

Last Friday, I planned to tender my resignation with the company I am working with. It took me more or less three weeks to decide if I am going to continue this. I pray everyday so that I will be enlightened and be prepared for this first step. Every time I go to church, I always ask God to help me in my decisions. And He actually did.

September 2, 2016

This is the day I planned to submit my resignation letter. I actually do not have a print out of the letter because I have seen these signs that made me stop doing it.

First, my boss is not around. I cannot just leave my letter above the table. I wanted to submit my letter personally so that there will be a formal closure. Second, I just attended an investment program a day before I plan to file my resignation. It boosted up my hope that I will become a millionaire/billionaire someday because I share the same vision with my boss that I can never be an employee forever. The third and last sign. I guess this made me realize that I am not yet prepared and ready to leave my job. This affected me the most.


An email from Blessed is She

This is a print screen from my email. I was not able to open my email on September 1 because I was on leave. When I opened my Gmail account, this the first thing I saw. After seeing this email, I said to myself that God is moving and planning for my future. I have to say that this is not yet the perfect time. But I am still praying that God will lead me to the right path. šŸ™‚


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