Lolo (Grandfather)

A person who is close to my heart called last night. October 20, 2016 6:06 PM. We actually talked for eight minutes. I guess this is the shortest period of time we talked. Usually, we talk for hours. This man is special to me – my grandfather.

He called me all the way from U.S. He mentioned that he was inside the bus going to New York. I am glad that he remembered to call me. I know that grandchildren SHOULD take the initiative to do it. As soon as I heard his voice, I know that he is not feeling well. Every time we talk over the phone, he is lively and has so much story to tell.

I was disappointed with myself when he visited Manila last July. He was calling me constantly but the number he used was not registered with my contacts. I failed to answer all the calls but I sensed that he is the one who is calling.

Going back to our discussion, he still does not fail to remind us that we should work and study hard. He supports our academic pursuit. One thing that I cannot forget is his faith in his grandchildren that WE CAN DO IT. My grandfather is an achiever and there is no doubt that he wants us to be an achiever too. When he was young, his life is not easy compared to his present situation. He grew up living in a simple life helping his parents. I admire how he works as a medical lecturer in a university in New York despite his old age. That made me realize that I can do more things. You create your own boundaries. But if you defy this hindrance, there is always a solution to work things out. His advice is NEVER stop learning. A person should keep his mind working to avoid early dementia.

We have not seen each other for more than 10 years and brought our connection just a few years ago. I promised to myself that I will see him no matter what. I am disappointed with myself that I lost the opportunity to see him on his birthday but I WILL hopefully in the following years. I pray to God that he gives him strength and better health condition. Another thing that keeps him going is his faith with our God. He never forgets to thank and call Him.

I love my family. Our parents and grandparents are not getting younger anymore. That is why I seize every moment I spend time with them. I prefer staying home with them rather than touring around a mall. Taking pictures is a part of memory that we can store.

I hope that you appreciate the time with your family. No person will support you other than your family. Spend every single moments with them and allot time to visit them. Lastly, tell them how much you love them. I know that it is not easy to do that but make a way to express it to them implicitly or explicitly.

Please do pray for my grandparents that they will have good health. 🙂

Thank you everyone and God bless us all~


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