Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary Performance

Last April, I shared to you my journey in auditioning for Miss Saigon. You can read it here Miss Saigon Auditions 2016 Philippines. Note that it is written in Filipino language. Well, it is not the luckiest day for me but I must say that it is worth the try. I remember reading Ms. Lea Salonga’s advice to the hopefuls.


Inquirer.Net (March 15, 2016)

Yesterday, I watched the film showing of Miss Saigon. It was their 25th anniversary show. My bestfriend and I watched the last full show (8:30 pm) in SM Southmall. The ticket costs Php 350 each. The actual ticket was Php 320 and there is a Php 30 bundle for Blink-now.


Tickets for two

I was contemplating if I am going to watch it because I’m trying to save money for Christmas. I guess this is my gift for myself. Haha! πŸ™‚ I watched the Les Miserables Concert on DVD which my father bought for only 10 pesos in a garage sale in Ayala Alabang. Yes, you read it right. The Act 1 went smoothly. Unfortunately the Act 2 is not playing which is what I have been waiting for since Ms. Lea Salonga’s part as Fantine will sing On My Own.

I also bought our snacks for Php 160+. It includes large popcorn, large drink and barbeque add-on.


Snack time


Here we come! (Sorry for the haggard face)

Based on my observation, I think there were more or less 30 people inside the cinema and most of us are women and came in pairs. The viewers are respectful and follow the regulations that is why I am comfortable watching the film.


  • Kim (Eva Noblezada) – I can see purity and innocence in her acting. A young lady like her deserves to be Kim. She is talented.
  • Chris (Alistair Brammer) – He has a powerful voice especially when the notes are getting higher.
  • The Engineer (Jon Jon Briones) – He is so natural and funny. He perfectly portrays the character.
  • Thuy (Hong Kwang-ho) – I am impressed with Hong Kwang-ho. I knew he was a Korean based from his physical features. He creates a huge voice with his small mouth. His pronunciation in English is good too.
  • Gigi (Rachelle Ann Go) – She suits in the character. It is sexy and charismatic. I have always been a fan of Ms. Rachelle Ann because of her powerful vocals.

To be there, you have to build a strong stamina. They have been working so hard and keeping the emotions present throughout the whole production. I cried on the last scene in Act II. You can feel the sorrow and loss of somebody whom you love. (If only I can clap in every scenes they did). The only thing that I found distracting is the subtitles.

I must say that my money is worth the watch. ❀ Hopefully I can watch this live in theater in London or Broadway. I will definitely include this in my bucket list.

Share your experiences in watching this film by commenting below. πŸ™‚

Lots of love x0xo


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